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Did You Know?… Water is the Leading Cause of All Failures

Water enters the surface and saturates and compromises sub-grades, thus causing the pavement to fail.


Preventative Maintenance Plan

We all know that parking lots take a beating and easily show wear and tear. To preserve yours, we offer several solutions. Perhaps most important, is a maintenance program to preserve and protect, as well as slow degradation from climate and constant traffic. Over time, parking lot pavements will show signs of multi-directional cracks, raveling and potholes. A maintenance program however, can assure higher pavement integrity, maximize longevity and minimize risk of auto or human injury, as the parking lot is a public use area. Maintenance for parking lots may include crack sealing, catch basin repair/adjustment, asphalt patching, seal coating and line striping.

We can compose and implement a maintenance program for any pavement surface. This may include regular monitoring to keep ahead of those areas that degrade more frequently and potentially cause more money to repair. In addition, appropriate maintenance will improve the image of the business and/or property owner. First impressions are formed as soon as the customer or resident enters the property/parking lot. Driving on a smooth and fresh black surface, seeing well maintained curbs, pulling into a parking stall that have been freshly painted and clearly numbered, are the ways to ensure the best possible impression.

Why Regular Maintenance?

You may wonder just how often regular maintenance on the parking lot needs to be performed. Too often the maintenance of parking lots are neglected. There are several factors that go into the equation of timely maintenance: climate and weather trends (for example, an extra rainy spring, drought, multiple ice storms) and age of the asphalt, to name a few. Aging asphalt becomes less resistant to climate and winter treatments over time. For example, the effects of winter sanding, plowing and salting, prime the asphalt for further degradation in a hot, humid summer. Further, those dangerous potholes and veiny cracks that appear from the constriction-expansion, heat-cold cycles, exacerbate and spread rapidly.

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